Honduras School Support

09 November, 2015 Central America, Honduras, Community, Education
Cloudbase Foundation pilots raise funds to provide uniforms and school supplies in Honduras. Uniforms were locally sourced, shoes locally made, and belts hand made by Pilot Don Jorge himself!

While scoping out potential launch sites on the mountain, some visiting Cloubase Foundation pilots and local Honduran pilots were greeted by a crowd of young children.  Some were uniformed and others not.  Some were without shoes.  We made our way to the school and spoke with Maestra Irma Ramona Maradiaga at the Escuela Bendición de Dios in the small village of Colonia Brisas de San Francisco.  The village is on the mountain, on the way to launch from Villa de San Francisco.  Irma confirmed for us that if a child in Honduras does not have a uniform, they are not allowed in school.  She said she allows some students who show desire to come without uniforms, but the school needs many things, as well.  Irma said, “We need uniforms, school supplies, shoes, and books.”

We are looking to level the playing field for the students who can’t afford uniforms and provide additional school support.  Jeffrey Miller and Dayana Medina, President and Secretary of the Asociacion de Parapentismo Hondureña, manage the process, and newly trained pilots from the Asociacion de Parapentismo Hondureña are stepping up to take this opportunity to help their local community.  Honduran pilots have been doing the groundwork and making this project a reality.

An incredible $3,800 was raised through personal contributions and fundraising at the 2014 US PG Nationals in Chelan, Washington July 6-12th.  Logistics are in the works and local pilots are working with teachers at the school to determine needs and ways to best utilized the funds.  Thank you for your support!

Your donations helped provide uniforms, local handmade shoes, and school supplies. Local representatives from Colgate Toothpaste joined in the event providing the children with a proper oral hygiene demonstration toothbrushes and toothpaste. Inspired to keep the resources as a lasting tool for generations to come contracts were signed by the teacher and the parents stating they would take responsibility and good care of the donations and pass the generosity down to the next generations.

With an ongoing commitment from the team in Honduras, this project will continue on assisting other schools in rural locations where we fly in as well as maintain support for each school. There are also plans and action forming to establish community gardens in the villages which will be maintained by the children. Thank you for your support!


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