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08 November, 2015 Asia, Nepal, Community, Education
The KEEN to Learn scholarship fund is keeping five Nepali children in school and allowing them to chase their dreams. CBF Nepal Director Prem Bahadur Kunwar personally leads the way by tutoring and housing students, education teachers, and inspiring all.

KEEN to Learn
The Cloudbase Foundation partners with KEEN to give 5 Nepali students scholarships.

CBF Nepal Director


For the past several years, the CBF has conducted a series of projects in Pokhara, Nepal.  They have ranged from providing educational scholarships, to uniforms for students, or environmental and infrastructure support.  We have several ongoing projects that need a full-time local contact to oversee.  We are very fortunate to have met and worked with Prem Bahadur Kunwar on many of these projects.  Prem is well respected locally and has conducted many of his own projects to benefit Nepal.  Prem has accepted the position of Director of Charitable Projects in Nepal to oversee and take these projects to the next level.  He will oversee CBF and KarmaFlights projects.  One of the new areas that Prem will bring to our long list of initiatives is child-friendly teacher trainings, through “model schools”.


It is still common in Nepal for teachers to use physical as well as verbal abuse with students.  Prem has trained many teachers along with his Netherlands University partners.  Prem’s projects will now include the Diki Danda School project for KarmaFlights, the Galem School Project.  The Keen To Learn Project for Nepal, and his own teacher training projects to stop the use of violence in Nepali Classrooms.  The CBF is excited to have Prem on board and see these projects expand to the villages where we fly in Nepal.

 KEEN Scholarship Fund

In addition to the appointing of Prem, the Keen to Learn project has provided scholarships for multiple students.  One of the students, Lal Maya Kunwar , in the nursing course at Janapriya Higher secondary School in Pokhara, Nepal, tells the story best when she wrote in May 2013:

My name is Lal Maya Kunwar . I am in Pokhara  from last 15 unnamedmonths.  I have completed my secondary education and just appeared in SLC Exams in march this year. I went to school from class one to 9 in my home  village called Arnakot Deurali by walking 2 hours every day  from home to school. I was forwarding my studies with great difficulties while I was also helping my parent and  family’s farming in the village. I had a great opportunity to come to Pokhara to study from class  ten onwards.  It is thanks to Prem brother and my  previous school  headmaster  who are crucial  to make my future where and how am now.  I have  felt lots of good differences in me while going to school in Pokhara than in the village. I have progressed a lot in my studies here, better teachers, bigger classroom, smarter students, tough competition and  way more quality  education that in my previous school. Keeping my  strong commitment in my studies, I have self confidence grown within me for progress.  I was very happy to have peaceful environment on Pokhara when I first came to Pokhara. I also had  a IMG_1818[1]dream to have opportunity to study in a good  school  like everyone. When I recall my childhood, my family environment was not so favorable while I was studying  up to class 9 in the village school. Because I was always worried whether my study is going to obstructed   and full stopped because of my family problem. But my strong dedication to  my studies became my first guideline. And somehow the problems were pushed behind. My secondary school was 2 hours far away down the village and  I hardly had  any time to prepare my home works and help my family.  My  father was not at home  since he went to work outside Nepal to earn money to feed us and my mother could not do much  with two small kids and cattle. Meanwhile, my father married  second wife in the hope of getting son since my mother bore him only three daughters including me.  Finally I feel very lucky to have scholarship to come to Pokhara to study in Pokhara. I want to thank Keen Scholarship project. 

In Pokhara family,  we are ten people altogether, Prem and  Apsara, their two kids, 5 other kids like myself.  I am well assimilated with the family now.  I had no idea  about anything about city life and how things work. Because many things were strange and first time for me.  Now am familiar with many things.  I have appeared in SLC exams  in march this year and waiting for results. Which will be published in a few week from now. 

 I went to see my family in April during April.  After  few days, I came back to Pokhara  for  taking  entrance Preparation class/course for nursing  course. Now, I have been studying bridge course for nursing at ITEL institute in New Road, Pokhara. I really want to be a successful  nurse and serve people. I am also the hope of my family to do something. My parents are illiterate and  have not much. My two sister are also smart in studies.  In order to fulfill tomorrow’s  dream, I must study hard and even then it is not possible  without spending more money. I hope I can   publish my name in merit list of the government quota. I think my better future will also help my younger sister future. 

 I am very happy to live together with all brothers and sisters in Pokhara.  I want to express my gratitude  for bringing me up to here  and giving me  opportunity to study in a nice school in Pokhara.  I must materialize your dreams and vision come true and it makes me very  aware of my responsibility. 

 I like the activities with Keen family and many family dinners invited by Christina, Bella, the family and  Prem.”

lal maya-nursing school

Since the writing of this letter, Lal Maya has been accepted into the Manipal School of Nursing at the Manipal Hospital in Pokhara.  When the earthquake struck Nepal in April of 2015, Lal Maya put her skills to work in her community.

$10,000 of the total grant was raised by the Repurpose for a Purpose project, in which KEEN converted used paragliders to backpacks!

We are now accepting funds to put five remaining KEEN scholars through college. Every bit helps and no donation is too small. Each of our graduates commits to a significant chunk of community service or local activation upon completion of college. Our first advanced study graduate, Lal Maya will become a nurse next year and plans to return to the community she hails from to work with the locals to improve health in her home town.


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