Rebuild Nepal

25 April, 2015 Asia, Nepal, Education, Rebuilding & Infrastructure
The Cloubase Foundation partners with KarmaFlights to bring earthquake relief to Nepal.  As relief turns to rebuilding, the Nepal team works to provide shelters, rebuild schools, and get solar power to isolated communities.
Thanks to the donations received and the hands-on work from our team of 77 volunteers.  Where to begin?  So much has been accomplished!  Your generous donations have made the following possible:
✓ 250 temporary shelters built
✓ 9 schools rebuilt/repaired
✓ 2 new schools built
✓ New waste managements programs created
✓ 8 mobile libraries distributed
✓ 3,900 students at 43 schools received LOTS of school supplies
So much work is left to do!  The KarmaFlights team is working to:
–  Build 10 new schools
–  Finish repairs at 10 other schools
–  Build 650 new shelters for children
–  Solar lights for 1,350 families

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