The Cloudbase Foundation (CBF) is a volunteer-based organization with extremely small overhead and operating costs, ensuring financial donations are put to the best possible use.  Donations to the General Fund are dispersed to projects via grants approved by the Board of Directors and used to support CBF projects around the world.  A very small percentage of the General Fund is also used for operating costs such as website hosting, e-mail communication, and accounting. Donations via PayPal are subject to a small fee, so if you’d like to avoid this fee, please send us a check.

Checks can be mailed to:

The Cloudbase Foundation
677 W. Pine Rd.
Melbourne, FL  32904

If requested, 100% of your donation can be applied to the project of your choice.  If you would like to donate to a specific project, please click below and specify the project name and/or location in the “Comments” section of PayPal, or find the section of our website for that project and click “Donate.”

The CBF is still flying thanks to generous donations like yours.  Please consider becoming a Sustaining Member with a reoccurring monthly donation to support current and new projects to be maintained into the future.
Thank you!

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