• Drill a Well for Maasai Children

    The goal of this project is to bring the gift of a reliable, clean and safe water source to a Maasai school and community by drilling a well on the Maasai school grounds in Losirwa, Tanzania, East Africa. 

  • Northern California Fire Relief

    California Wildfire Relief Fund by KEEN

  • Ecuador Earthquake Relief

    Pilots in Ecuador mobilize to respond to the 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

  • Repurpose for a Purpose

    KEEN giving old wings new life with proceeds going to the Cloudbase Foundation!

  • Honduras School Support

    Cloudbase Foundation pilots raise funds to provide uniforms and school supplies in Honduras.

  • KEEN to Learn

    The KEEN to Learn scholarship fund is keeping five Nepali children in school and allowing them to chase their dreams.

  • Rebuild Nepal

    The Cloubase Foundation partners with KarmaFlights to bring earthquake relief to Nepal. 

  • Magic Valley

    Pilots in the Sequatchie Valley pull together to support the local library.

  • Morton Teen Center

    Local pilots host an event to raise funds for the Morton Teen Center in Morton, WA.

  • Diki Danda Slide and Swing

    KarmaFlights pilots raised money for a playground slide and swing for the Diki Danda School in Pokhara, Nepal.

  • The Rainbow Room

    The Cloudbase Foundation continually supports The Rainbow Room in Big Spring, TX through fundraising at the Hang Gliding Nationals.

  • Ghana Paragliding Festival for Charity

    Donation : $2,000.00/ $2,000.00

    Tandem Pilots raise money to support an orphanage for deserving children in Ghana.

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  • What communities say:

    We would like to thank the Cloudbase Foundation for their continued and generous support! We had the opportunity to take nine Club Members out to the Francisco Grande Golf & Hotel Resort to watch the hang gliders participating in the 2012 Santa Cruz Flats race land yesterday afternoon. After they landed, our Club Members got to spend some time with the hang gliders and learn more about hang gliding (a big thank you to Alex who spent most of the time with the kids and let them see/hold his glider). At the end of our time together, the Cloudbase Foundation presented our organization with a $4,000 donation! Thank you Cloudbase Foundation – these funds will allow our organization to offer full one year after-school program scholarships to 16 kids!

    Boys and Girls Club of the Casa Grande Valley
  • What communities say:

    We’re just so honored you guys chose to help us out.  We’re always fighting for funding and here you guys just show up and offer to help!  You’re such a positive move for the community and I can’t thank you enough.

    Marilyn Fraiser (Orena Humphreys Public Library, Whitwell, TN)
  • What communities say:

    I want to tell you how much the Howard County Child Welfare Board (HCCWB) appreciates you and the hang gliding group, your positive PR when you come to town, and all the energy you give to the fundraising project for the Rainbow Room and the children of Howard County, Texas. You are all dear to our hearts. The dollars you have raised and donated will be put to work for children immediately as we purchase school clothing and shoes, as well as the other myriad items that are requested for our children (cribs, beds, food, fans, heaters, etc.).

    Becky Moughon (Howard County Child Welfare Board)