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Empowering pilots to be effective agents of change within communities where we fly.

The Cloudbase Foundation works to equip free flight pilots with best practices, support, and training, to effectively engage with their community and accomplish their altruistic goals though singular events and long-term projects.  Through CBF projects, pilots integrate into communities in which they fly to develop strong relationships and stay connected to the local need.  Communities are able to partner with project leaders to solve challenges and maximize opportunities within their own communities.  Pilots and supporters donate resources, time, and talent to generously impact the communities in which they fly in locations across the world.

By utilizing networks to raise awareness, leverage creative content, increase engagement, and showcase communities and projects, developing locations are able to experience a boost in adventure tourism and economic growth as flying sites gain visibility and increase in popularity.  Additionally, the CBF serves as a fiscal agent to provide financial support and leverage the total funding invested in communities.

At home sites and abroad, the communities in which we fly are stronger, healthier, and enabled to develop through partnership with the pilot community.

Board Members

Larry Bunner
Nick Greece
Patrick Joyce
Jenn Kaatz
Steve Kroop
Isabella Messenger
Jeff O’Brien
Jeff Shapiro
Jamie Shelden

Founding Members

Ricker Goldsborough
Jeff O’Brien
Jeff Shapiro

CBF Documents
501(c)(3) Approval
CBF Bylaws – Revised Jan-4-2014